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Dynamic, sophisticated and relentlessly inventive, the hairdressing industry never stands still. Creativity and technical excellence are at the heart of what we do and we intend to inspire by being the most exciting, hairdresser driven, global company with outstanding innovations and personal services for salons.


Schwarzkopf Professional continue to build on 120 years of reinventing hair, rethinking hair colour, redefining hair trends, revolutionising education, reboosting salon success and reinforcing partnerships… because “your success is our success”!

Simon Ellis - International Creative Director







What is so special about the hairdressers' world?


Hairdressers think in terms of experience not in terms of products or categories. As an authentic and long term partner we need to demonstrate that we understand by delivering real, relevant and lasting products and services to support them in their daily work - by delivering what our hairdresser and his client really want and NOT what we think they want!


This is proof of our 'Partnership Approach' with our hairdresser and his client - our joint consumer - because we know that a satisfied consumer is the ultimate signature of our JOINT SUCCESS!


To excite our hairdresser we must communicate using the right imagery, the right emotional language and deliver tools and services that they can really work with, each and every day.







How would you describe your role as a Global Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional?


My role as SKP Global Ambassador is exciting, challenging and rewarding. Through Essential Looks and the images I create, I can inspire and motivate hairdressers from all around the world - thats a pretty good job to have. I want to encourage stylists to develop their own creative edge and to always keep moving forward.


Do Schwarzkopf Professional allow you lots of creative freedom?


Hairdressing is a way to express and translate my own vision. SKP is an exciting global company that allows me to push the boundaries and be adventurous with my own creativity. I think SKP never stands still.

Tyler Johnston

Lesley Jennison - Global Colour Ambassador







How would you describe your role as a Global Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional?


As the global colour ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional, I have a dedication for continuously striving to recognise upcoming new trends and innovative ways of translating colour to hair and I have been fortunate enough to inspire hairdressers worldwide with my knowledge. I therefore have a strong belief and passion for education within the industry, which in turn drives me to always be one step ahead and remain at the top of my profession.


Do Schwarzkopf Professional allow you lots of creative freedom?


To date the highlight of my career has been joining Schwarzkopf Professional and being involved with Essential Looks where Steve Hogan has allowed me to have total creative freedom to initiate techniques that make us think outside of the box yet are totally user friendly.







How would you describe your role as a Global Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional?


I see my role at Schwarzkopf Professional as two fold, firstly to represent the voice of the 'real hairdresser and salon owner' in promoting the real needs of salon owners from a business training perspective and secondly to develop and present the content of motivational business seminars to salon owners where ever they are needed in the Schwarzkopf world.


Why are you so passionate about hairdressing?


It's what I do, and I believe that whatever you do inlife you should do with 100% commitment and pride. As a presenter you have to be passionate to get your message across and with the 'business' side of hairdressing many young hairdressers underestimate what an amazingly creative process building a business and developing a team is. Being passionate makes all the difference.

Antony Whitaker - Global Business Ambassador

Richard Ashforth - Global Styling Ambassador







How would you describe your role as a Global Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional?


As Global Styling Ambassador for Schwarzkopf Professional, I believe styling and creativity go hand-in-hand. I immediately fell in love with the craft/art of hairdressing and that devotion has lasted for more than 20 years. I never run out of ideas. The role gives me the opportunity to express my passion for the industry, whilst inspiring others to push creative boundaries.


Do Schwarzkopf Professional allow you lots of creative freedom?


Equipped with the OSiS+ range, there really is no limit to my creativity with Schwarzkopf Professional. We hairdressers need to play with shapes, experiment with textures and evolve our ideas. We need to express our creativity every day and this means having the right products in our hands and the right platform to do so.



We believe in the whole - being greater than the sum of its parts. We believe in a passion shared – a passion for hair. We believe in true partnerships – a two-way relationship for life

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