VivID Collection

VivID Collection

Essential Looks Collection 2:2020


The VivID Collection is a trend with a difference: created and refined during a challenging time when the whole world was in crisis (due to coronavirus), the Schwarzkopf Professional Essential Looks team worked tirelessly to put together the AW20 trends. Why? Because as we transition into the new normal, and hairdressers’ livelihoods are getting back on track, it is creativity, inspiration and education that will drive the hairdressing industry forward.

Once Upon A Time

Trend 1: Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A Time tells a tale of past and future – of nostalgia repurposed for today




In soft focus nostalgia, dreamy light dapples across optical patterns, geometrics and stripes, across doe eyes and gorgeously effortless hair. From a time when it felt like a burst of technicolour had transformed the world from grey into a glorious land for free-spirits, self-expressionists and individuals.


This is retro reinvented – it’s contemporary, sexy, feminine, and makes a real statement of individuality, but filtered through a sultry, nostalgic all-Americana lens. It’s like a vivid memory, recreated for today.

Everyday Decadence

Trend 2: Everyday Decadence

Everyday Decadence celebrates structure, form and gender fluidity with comfort in cuts and opulence in the finish




All dressed up and nowhere to go, this story is all about chilling and conversation in oversized silhouettes, luxe finishes, bright acid accents, power pastels and contemporary gender fluidity. Pigeonholes are boring, so we’re all free to be whoever we want to be in a brave new age of understatement.


There’s something beautifully vibrant and real about this trend, it’s popping and it’s fearless, everyone is free to be the way they want to be, and nobody cares about the labels of yesteryear.

Dark Romance

Trend 3: Dark Romance

Dark Romance weaves a magical world of bewitchment and illusion, with strength in fragility, richness in embellishment, mystery in transparency and beauty in everything




A darkness falls, casting mysterious shadows that beguile and seduce. Part paranormal, part romance, this trend casts a subversive spell that bewitches all who see it. With magical layers of embellishment, weaving enchanted worlds of dark transparency, dusky brocades, inky blooms, deconstructed forms and a spirit of rebellion into the dusk.


Depths shimmer, so while it’s all darks and blacks from a distance, take a closer look and you’ll see iridescent depths of violets, petrol-y blues and mauves, in choppy undone layers with attitude.