The Spirit Collection

The Spirit Collection

Essential Looks Collection 1:2020


Gone are the days when Fashion Week trends were dictated by the few – today's stories are more fluid than ever before and speak to every one of us – kick-starting the cultural conversations we all need to have. And in 2020 we've seen a more diverse runway than ever before, putting the individual at the heart of the global zeitgeist all over the world. So, we're marking the start of this new decade by celebrating the uniquely creative spirit that is the essence of every one of us.


The Spirit Collection starts with our pick of the trends. Punk Spirit is all about self-expression, a new glamour for free thinkers, Refined Traditions marries technical expertise and classic silhouettes to subvert and evolve, and Let It Bloom is an essay in modern romance, all beautiful florals and soft vintage-y nostalgia.

Punk Spirit

Trend 1: Punk Spirit

Explore your individuality.




This trend is all about individuality. It's quirky, it's rebellious, it's expressive and it's spirited but with a twist of softness. Layering and transparency create a moody glamour where anything goes.


Modern eclecticism rules in a new decade of self-expression. Layers tell stories, playing with extremes, soft meets fierce, edgy meets glam, it's all the contradictions of a truly free and independent spirit.

Refined Traditions

Trend 2: Refined Traditions

Tales of tradition.




One lesson 2020 is determined to teach us is there is nothing old-fashioned about craft. Timeless fabrications and classic shapes are subverted as technical expertise reinvents tradition into a whole new kind of style that's all about flair meets precision.


Crisp shirting lives it large with oversized puffy sleeves, exaggerated silhouettes and divine details. Folkloric weaves, loose tiers, exquisite embroidery, buttons, ribbons and trims, it's a very modern purity.

Let It Bloom

Trend 3: Let It Bloom

Maximalist romance.




There's a true romance growing on the runway as florals walk the walk, in every shade and size from naïve embroidery to a riot of chiffon anemones, from sprigged prairie dresses to dark, sinuous gowns. It's 2020 and blooms rule ok.


It's an ethereal, shimmery, intensely pure, layered, super-duper-luxe, light-as-air kind of situation. Vintage-y prints, hothouse blooms, softly layered sheer meets shimmery fabrics, all tell of endless summer days, hair slicked back in a mood of cool romance in free-to-dream 70s shades.