OSiS+ Long Hair Texture


Achieve Instant Effortless Texture


Today’s long hair clients want an effortless, more natural look with texture and movement. And, in our fast-paced lives, they want them quickly and easily.


The OSiS+ Long Hair Texture range reinvents styling for longer lengths with a dry sugar spray, a powdery blow-dry spray, a dry texture spray, a soft volumising powder, a dry shampoo foam and a dry conditioner. Invisible performance, innovative science, feather-light action and ultra-dry formulas make heavy, sticky, artificial looks history.


With innovative Friction Styling Technology, the OSiS+ Long Hair Texture range opens up a new world of effortless possibilities.


Discover a new way forward.

OSiS+ Long Hair Texture
OSiS+ Long Hair Texture
Friction Styling Technology

Friction Styling Technology


OSiS+ Long Hair Texture is designed to hold hair beautifully, but with natural movement, volume and texture.


The sophisticated formulas combine flexible polymers with micro-raw particles that adhere to the hair fibre for a uniquely special effect. When hair is frictioned with fingers, the particles become entangled and reveal a non-sticky hold and incredible texture that can be reactivated whenever needed. The results are lightweight texture, great volume, instant root lift and non-sticky movement in one.


Benefits of Friction Styling

  • Lightweight texture, volume & root-lift
  • Powdery hair feel
  • No helmet effect
  • Scrunching reactives style
  • SKP_ICT_OSiS+_Long_Hair_Texture_Loose_Looks_460x600

    Step 1: PREP – Apply OSiS+ Fab Foam on roots and comb through lengths to support texturised volume and long-lasting results.

    Step 2: BLAST – Blow-dry using a paddle brush to enhance natural shine, then switch to a round brush on tips.

    Step 3: TWIST – Section the hair into strands and twist them to create a non uniform bend and movement.

    Step 4: LOOP – Increase movement by forming a loop.

    Step 5: DEFINE – Spray OSiS+ Texture Craft on roots and length to add volume and a different level of texture.

    Step 6: FRICTION – Create a broken, undone look by frictioning the hair with your fingers.

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  • SKP_ICT_OSiS+_Long_Hair_Texture_Looks_Undone_Updo_460x600

    STEP 1: PREP – Apply OSiS+ Soft Dust through the lengths to promote grip and texture.

    STEP 2: SELECTION – Separate the hair into 5 sections: Front / sides / top and back (from crown/apex to behind the ear). For each section, create a ponytail slightly away from the roots.

    Step 3: LOOP – Loop the ends of each section and secure with an elastic band.

    Step 4: CREATE – Twist and pin the ponytails in a loose way to create a volumised and textured shape.

    Step 5: FINISH – Apply OSiS+ Soft Dust to enhance texture and add control.

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