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OSiS+ Long Hair Texture


Achieve Instant Effortless Texture


Today’s long hair clients want an effortless, more natural look with texture and movement. And, in our fast-paced lives, they want them quickly and easily.


The OSiS+ Long Hair Texture range reinvents styling for longer lengths with a dry sugar spray, a powdery blow-dry spray, a dry texture spray, a soft volumising powder, a dry shampoo foam and a dry conditioner. Invisible performance, innovative science, feather-light action and ultra-dry formulas make heavy, sticky, artificial looks history.


With innovative Friction Styling Technology, the OSiS+ Long Hair Texture range opens up a new world of effortless possibilities.


Discover a new way forward.

OSiS+ Long Hair Texture
OSiS+ Long Hair Texture
Friction Styling Technology

Friction Styling Technology


OSiS+ Long Hair Texture is designed to hold hair beautifully, but with natural movement, volume and texture.


The sophisticated formulas combine flexible polymers with micro-raw particles that adhere to the hair fibre for a uniquely special effect. When hair is frictioned with fingers, the particles become entangled and reveal a non-sticky hold and incredible texture that can be reactivated whenever needed. The results are lightweight texture, great volume, instant root lift and non-sticky movement in one.


Benefits of Friction Styling

  • Lightweight texture, volume & root-lift
  • Powdery hair feel
  • No helmet effect
  • Scrunching reactives style
  • SKP_ICT_OSiS+_Long_Hair_Texture_Modern_Looks_460x600

    Step 1: Apply OSiS+ Texture Blow evenly throughout lengths to add grip and to create extra volume.

    Step 2: Use a flat headed brush to wrap dry and to control roots.

    Step 3: Use a round brush to add polish and movement.

    Step 4: If needed, use a medium or large curl tong for additional movement.

    Step 5: Apply OSiS+ Beach Texture to enhance the look with a tousled beach texture.

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  • SKP_ICT_OSiS+_Long_Hair_Texture_Loose_Looks_460x600

    Step 1: PREP – Apply OSiS+ Fab Foam on roots and comb through lengths to support texturised volume and long-lasting results.

    Step 2: BLAST – Blow-dry using a paddle brush to enhance natural shine, then switch to a round brush on tips.

    Step 3: TWIST – Section the hair into strands and twist them to create a non uniform bend and movement.

    Step 4: LOOP – Increase movement by forming a loop.

    Step 5: DEFINE – Spray OSiS+ Texture Craft on roots and length to add volume and a different level of texture.

    Step 6: FRICTION – Create a broken, undone look by frictioning the hair with your fingers.

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  • SKP_ICT_OSiS+_Long_Hair_Texture_Fused_Looks_460x600

    Step 1: Apply OSiS+ Beach Texture evenly throughout the lengths to achieve a perfect, malleable styling base.

    Step 2: Create 2 elongated strangle sections, in-front and below the crown and secure in ponytails. Apply OSiS+ Soft Dust to the ponytail sections to add grip.

    Step 3: Backcomb both ponytails strongly to the roots. Create paddings using the backcombed sections. Secure them using pins.

    Step 4: Create 4 sections adjacent to the ponytails, ensuring desired outline lengths are left out.

    Step 5: Braid each section loosely, in the direction of the padding and secure ends with an elastic. Open up the braids to create a fuller, irregular effect.

    Step 6: Wrap the braids over the padding and secure with pins.

    Step 7: Loosely braid the remaining lengths and use blow-dryer to increase texture.

    Step 8: Remove braids and apply OSiS+ Soft Dust to ease shaping and add definiton.

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  • SKP_ICT_OSiS+_Long_Hair_Texture_Looks_Undone_Updo_460x600

    STEP 1: PREP – Apply OSiS+ Soft Dust through the lengths to promote grip and texture.

    STEP 2: SELECTION – Separate the hair into 5 sections: Front / sides / top and back (from crown/apex to behind the ear). For each section, create a ponytail slightly away from the roots.

    Step 3: LOOP – Loop the ends of each section and secure with an elastic band.

    Step 4: CREATE – Twist and pin the ponytails in a loose way to create a volumised and textured shape.

    Step 5: FINISH – Apply OSiS+ Soft Dust to enhance texture and add control.

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Ideal for longer hair and girls on the go, whose modern braids, undone waves and flowing locks have been longing for an easy styling solution with instant results.

With OSiS+ BOHO REBEL, we not only say goodbye to greasy hair, but also to the traditional drawbacks of dry shampoo! Thanks to the coloured rice starch, these dry shampoo's blend instantly to match your hair colour – eliminating any visual white residue.

Designed to seamlessly match and enhance a variety of hair colours, the pigmented range paves the way for totally personalised styling results with lasting rebel texture.

Directly-coloured rice starch allows blondes, brunettes and dark hair shades to enjoy invisible styling – without overburdening and without any white residue – for natural-looking texturised results!


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Refresh and style on-the-go with the OSiS+ BOHO REBEL mini sprays!


These 100ml, handbag-friendly bottles are the new must-have for all festival babes. Whether your hair needs a quick refresh, a sneaky restyle or instant volume, OSiS+ BOHO REBEL is sure to be your headline act.