OSiS+ Session Label Super Heroes


Meet our OSiS+ Session Label Super Heroes. Between them, they can control, smooth, volumize and style even the finest of hair.


Enhanced with the latest technology, these products can achieve fantastic results for the most style savvy clients, while maintaining a totally effortless and natural look.

SUPER DRY Memory Net

> This super-concentrated hairspray delivers a totally new type of hold: instantly dry, fully workable and weightless – yet able to hold structure.


> The new spray system disperses the highly-concentrated formula, as instantly-drying microscopic droplets form a fine but strong net on the hair.

Memory Net Technology


> Redefine your perception of styling gels with a super concentrated dosage of style setting polymers


> The rubber-ice product texture adds a new dimension to product workability, building strong hold looks without over-wetting the hair shaft

Crystal Gel Technology

SUPER FINE Powder Cloud

> Our innovative pump nozzle allows micro-fine and targeted powder distribution


> The finest powder enwraps individual hair strands for stunning texture results


> A fusion of state-of-the-art packaging design and high performing powder mist will allow you to create infinite hair styles

Powder Cloud Technology


> Infused with Silk Balm Extracts, a High Forming Agent and a Conditioning Agent, to give 15 benefits:


1. Caring properties 2. Defies dryness 3. Helps prevent hair breakage 4. Instantly detangles 5. Sensational structure equalisation 6. Delivers anti-static discipline 7. Protects against heat   8. Mechanical damage protection 9. Protect against UV exposure 10. Improves manageability 11. Delivers feather-light styling control 12. Creates silkiness 13. Up to 96 hour anti-frizz control 14. Adds Light texture 15. Adds shine

Miracle 15 Technology

SUPER DRY Super Dry Fix

> Developed with forward-thinking Session Stylists, this Hairspray is equipped with memory styling benefits


> The Super Dry Spray Technology offers micro fine spray dispersion for instant dry results that require maximum hold control


> Balanced hold control with brushable manageability is ideal for High-Fashion hair styles

Super Dry Fix Technology
OSiS+ Session Label


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