OSiS+ Session Label Memory Net


OSiS+ Session Label Memory Net


Introducing OSIS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net – the ultra-dry, super-concentrated hairspray that delivers a new type of hold. It’s instantly dry, yet fully workable with a weightless finish and a strong hold. The long lasting memory-effect leaves hair with a pleasant feel, without the ‘helmet effect’ of conventional hairsprays.

OSiS+ Session Label Memory Net

> Super-concentrated, fast-drying formula


> Long-lasting remouldability


> Keeps its shape, even after brushing


> Single droplets instead of film on the hair


> Perfect dosage control



The new spraying system disperses the highly-concentrated formula super finely on the hair. The instant-drying microscopic droplets form a strong, yet fine and flexible, net on the hair for immediate memory hold.


Despite its size, OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net lasts nearly as long as a standard can*, fixing the hairstyle in place whilst providing a super long-lasting memory effect.


*Lasts approx. 85% as long as the 300ml standard hairspray.

"OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net spray will change the way you style. It's an ultra-dry, super-concentrated formula that dries instantly and can be remoulded all day long. Super Dry Memory Net delivers the performance of an extra hold hairspray but it feels like a lightweight hairspray. It‘s an all-rounder!"


Richard Ashforth – Schwarzkopf Professional Global Styling Ambassador