SalonLab Smart Analyzer

SalonLab Smart Analyzer


The first of its kind, the Salonlab Smart Analyzer combines hairdresser expertise with data-driven insights to provide a truly personalised consultation.


A revolutionary innovation – the SalonLab Smart Analyzer is the first device that allows the hairdresser to scan inside the hair structure using near-infrared technology.


The device is powered by the SalonLab App, which guides both the hairdresser and the client through the consultation and analysis process.


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SalonLab Smart Analyzer

Ground-breaking Technology

Ground-breaking Technology


1 – Charging: The device is accompanied by a charging dock. Battery life is sufficient to cover a day’s usage by the hairdresser.


2 – LED Lighting: Indicates device status, whether it is charging, analysing, transmitting or at a low battery status.


3 – Haptic Feedback: Provided by the device to give the hairdresser additional indication of the device status, i.e. single vibration when ready to measure, double vibration when measurement is done.


4 – Practical Clip for Ergonomic Grip: To allow handheld usage and convenient attachment to the hairdresser's belt/apron when not in use.


5 – Near-Infrared Sensor: Pioneering technology allows the device to measure inner hair structure parameters.

SalonLab Smart Analyzer

Reinventing the Salon Experience

Expert Input


Expert questionnaire guides the
hairdresser and client


Simple and fast measurement process




Near-infrared technology measures inner hair condition providing a
unique hair score

Personalised Hair Care

A unique hair profile is created with personalised in-salon service
recommendations and home care products

SalonLab Smart Analyzer

A new standard in consultation


"This really is a game-changer. Not only does it bring the salon of the future to the present, but the Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab reinvents the salon experience as we know it. "


Schwarzkopf Professional Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison.