Lesley Jennison


"Since the beginning of my career, I have been absolutely fascinated by colours and the effect of colouring hair. I believe that hair colour can be understood as its own language. It transforms somebody's look completely while still reflecting one’s personality. Colour has the power to give women confidence. That is why I need to rely 100% on the performance of my colour.


One of the most impressive assets of the new IGORA ROYAL is its new High Definition Technology, which delivers 100% true colour results & maximum performance. With the new IGORA ROYAL my creativity as a colourist can run free, white hair is covered perfectly, colour is equalised evenly & the vibrancy is brilliant. It gives me absolute freedom to act out my love and passion for colour. A colour I really love to work with.


Schwarzkopf Professional listens to our needs and always manages to raise the bar when it comes to performance & convenience."

Global Colour Ambassador Lesley Jennison

"Colour is my passion" - Lesley Jennison