BC Sun Protect

BC Sun Protect

Formulated for sun-stressed hair


Summer is the time of the year when we want to enjoy the sun, often on the beach or in the pool. However, the combination of intense exposure to the sun, sea and pool water can compromise the hair's quality, leading to dull and dehydrated tresses that can become hard to manage and may even cause colour to fade. Protecting the hair is key!


BC Sun Protect will become the best travel buddy this summer, helping you to maintain your summer glow! It protects, cleanses and treats the hair before and after sun exposure, providing a protective shield and preventing discolouration. BC Sun Protect also works to remove sea salt and impurities, while revitalising and beautifying sun-stressed locks.

BC Sun Protect



BC Sun Protect is specially developed to protect, cleanse and treat all hair types before and after sun exposure. The formula, with UVA/UVB filter, Buriti Oil and Sea Algae Extract, nourishes, protects and hydrates sun-stressed hair.

BC Sun Protect Technology

The science behind it

The science behind it

Buriti Oil
Harvested from the 'tree of life' which grows in and near the swamp areas of the Amazon region, the Buriti Fruit is known to contain a high amount of beta-carotene, essential fatty acids and vitamins. The oil extracted from this precious fruit is known for its antioxidant, moisturising and conditioning properties.


Sea Algae Extract
Sourced from the bottom of the ocean, this botanical extract is known to intensively hydrate and replenish the hair and scalp while providing micro-nutrients, like vitamins and minerals.


UVA / UVB Filter
BC Sun Protect range, with UV filter, helps to protect hair from damage caused by UV rays.


    • BC Sun Protect Prep & Protection Spritz

      BC Sun Protect Prep & Protection Spritz

      What it is:
      A continuous fine spray mist that prepares, protects and nourishes the hair before and during sun exposure.


      Hair is exposed to the sun, sea or pool water.


      What it does:

      • The waterproof formula protects hair before and during time in the sun
      • Improves hair’s manageability and combability
      • Weightlessly adding shine and smoothness without overburdening
      • Protects the hair from colour fade

      How it works:
      The waterproof formula with Vitamin E Acetate, known for its antioxidant properties that fight against UV damages, weightlessly coats and protects the hair during sun exposure to counteract colour fading. The continuous fine spray mist ensures even distribution and helps to detangle damp or dry hair, while adding sheen and improving softness.

    • BC Sun Protect Hair & Body Bath

      BC Sun Protect Hair & Body Bath

      What it is:
      A gentle, yet nourishing, after sun cleanser that purifies and revives sun-stressed hair and gently cleanses the body.


      The hair, skin and scalp are dehydrated and dull due to sun exposure or salt, sand and chlorine residues.


      What it does:

      • Gently cleanses all hair types
      • Removes residues of sun products, chlorine and salt water
      • Rebalances the moisture level of hair, scalp and skin
      • Nourishes and strengthens the hair
      • Protects colour from fading

      How it works:
      The gentle cleansing formula with Buriti Oil and Sea Algae Extract is developed to gently remove residue from hair, skin and scalp, whilst the Panthenol helps to balance the hair moisture level. Allantoin is known for its soothing properties for scalp and skin, while pH 4.5 Balancer Technology protects hair colour from fading.

    • BC Sun Protect 2-in-1 Treatment

      BC Sun Protect 2-in-1 Treatment

      What it is:
      A rich and creamy dual usage treatment to deeply restore sun-stressed hair.


      Hair has been exposed to the sun, sea and pool water. It feels rough, looks dull, tangles easily and is difficult to manage.


      What it does:

      • Deeply nourishes, replenishes and moisturises the hair 
      • Improves combability and manageability
      • Helps prevent from colour fade and hair breakage
      • Reduces green-discolouration caused by pool water

      How it works:
      The nourishing formula with Buriti Oil and Sea Algae Extract helps to balance the moisture level of sun-stressed hair, adding softness and leaving hair with a beautiful smooth glow.

    • BC Sun Protect Conditioning Cream

      BC Sun Protect Conditioning Cream

      What it is:
      This lightweight leave-in after sun cream nourishes, restores and beautifies sun-stressed hair.


      Hair has been exposed to the sun, is dry, unmanageable and tangles easily.


      What it does:

      • Rehydrates the hair
      • Detangles hair and improves manageability
      • Smooths the hair’s surface and reduces frizz
      • Adds a beautiful glow to the hair

      How it works:
      Used on damp or dry hair, this weightless cream with Buriti Oil, Sea Algae Extract and UVA/UVB Filter nourishes, moisturises and protects the hair – leaving it easy to manage with glowing shine.

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