Hair How-To: Relieve Tension with a Balance Massage

Elevate your salon service with massage!


It's common knowledge that nearly every client's favourite part of a salon visit is the massage included during a hair wash regime, so why not combine this into a more holistic service that provides care to both the hair and the scalp?


Massage benefits

A massage helps to ease muscle spasms and knots in body parts, whilst simultaneously promoting blood circulation to help soothe and repair tense muscles and congested areas. In the context of the scalp, massage has a multitude of benefits:

  • Promotes a healthy scalp and hair condition
  • Stimulates the scalp to help the nutrition flow
  • Reduces muscle tension in head, neck and shoulders
  • Soothes headaches
  • Helps to distribute product on the scalp and to increase the permeability of active ingredients
  • Promotes overall wellbeing by calming and warming the scalp

Scalp Clinix Balance Massage

A Balance Massage, combined with our Scalp Clinix Biotic Service, merges the best techniques and knowledge from Asian heritage to provide a massage that detoxifies and energises the scalp using pressure points, frictions, stroking and circular movements.


Offering this as part of an in-salon service is a short time investment for the hairdresser, yet an important part of overall client care that can be provided as a premium experience to relieve tension and set the base for beautiful hair.


Follow the steps below to relieve tension with a Balance Massage:


Step 1 – Soothing


Step 1 – Soothing
  • Starting at the front hairline
  • Using the palm of the hands
  • Long stroking movements with light pressure
  • Following the shape of the head down to the nape
  • One hand always supporting the forehead

Benefits: an introduction to the massage. Helps to distribute product and brings the client into a relaxing mood.


Step 2 – Rotating


Step 2 – Rotating
  • Place fingertips at the front hairline
  • Work in a circular motion along the hairline
  • Gradually increasing firm pressure
  • Repeat 3 times

Benefits: the gentle rotating movements help to balance the nerves, scalp and meridians (pressure points).


Step 3 – Relaxing


Step 3 – Relaxing
  • Support the forehead using one hand
  • Place the other hand right or left of the centre parting
  • Make circular motions for about 5 seconds
  • Gradually increasing pressure
  • Work your way down to the nape area
  • Replicate on other side of centre parting
  • Repeat 3 times

Benefits: relaxes the entire body, the joining points of all meridians and helps to increase the permeability of the scalp for active ingredients found within Scalp Clinix products.


Step 4 – Moving


Step 4 – Moving
  • Both hands placed at the centre parting
  • Slightly lift the scalp with fingers
  • Steadily knead the entire scalp area
  • Repeat 3 times

Benefits: the head hugging hand position has a deeply relaxing effect. It is de-blocking, calming and warms the scalp.


Step 5 – Releasing


Step 5 – Releasing
  • Place two fingers at the temples
  • Rotate for 10 seconds

Benefits: the gentle rotating movements help to release tension and soothe headaches.


Step 6 – Gripping


Step 6 – Gripping
  • Support using one hand at the forehead
  • Place other hand in the nape area
  • Slide fingers and thumb up lifting the skin slightly
  • Rotate gently

Benefits: relaxes the muscles in the nape. It signals the end of the massage.


Once the full service is complete don't forget to send your client home with a prescribed scalp and hair regime customised to their needs – it's easy to choose and combine products from the different Scalp Clinix and Fibre Clinix assortments to answer your client’s primary and secondary scalp and hair needs.


For more information on Scalp Clinix and related in-salon services speak to your local Schwarzkopf Professional representative.