5 Essential Colour Consultation Points

The safety of you and your colour client is as important as the beauty of their hair, follow these safety instructions and make them a daily practice in your salon. Before any colour products are actually applied to the hair, there are some important questions to ask and vital points to consider and record as part of your professional consultation protocol. Your client should already have a record card, if they are new to the salon it is recommended to always set this up – we suggest including the following information:


Previous Services

If not already recorded, ask the client what colour services and treatments they have had before and when this took place. Double check how these went, and if any discomfort or reactions have previously occurred – don’t forget to also note the date of the current service.


Scalp & Skin Condition

Evaluate the condition of the scalp and perform the colour service only if the skin is not irritated, crusted or injured. Postpone the colour service if not suitable, and ask the client to consult a doctor or dermatologist before proceeding with any hair colouration.


Allergy Alert Test Results

A skin test or another relevant evaluation (Professional Consultation Questionnaire) is mandatory prior to every hair colouration, in rare cases ingredients in colouring products can cause an adverse reaction – remember to record the date and the result of every skin test.


Previous Allergic Reactions (e.g. from temporary tattoos using ‘black Henna’, or from hair colourants)

It is important to note if any previous allergic reactions have taken place. Always ask colour clients if they have had any temporary Henna tattoos in the past and if they had a reaction. Certain substances added to temporary Henna tattoos may cause an allergic reaction; these substances may also be found in hair colourants.



Note the names of any applied products (brand, shade number, batch code and mixing ratios). Record the date of any colour service.


Remember to always be honest, transparent and professional. If a procedure is not advisable, refuse to apply it even if the client insists.


How Do You Proceed if Your Client Does Have an Allergic Reaction In-Salon?

Following the above advice, as part of a professional colour consultation, will help hairdressers and colourists avoid a client having an allergic reaction whilst in the salon. However, in the case of a reaction during a colour application such as intense stinging, a rash or a burning sensation of the scalp, rinse immediately with lukewarm water. The use of this colourant should be discontinued and the client should be advised to consult a doctor – any reactions should also be recorded.


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