Salon Services: Pastel Warrior with Chroma ID

Pastel tones are going nowhere, and with Chroma ID's semi-permanent mix and tone colour system, both hairdressers and their clients have the freedom to create with colour!


The best thing about these joyful, playful, pretty shades? They’re temporary and can be customised even further as they fade and wash out. With a Chroma ID pastel toning service, hairdressers can create bespoke pastel blends on blonde and lighter shades, for a quick, low-commitment colour upgrade. Want to switch things up? With a choice of Chroma ID colour at home, salon clients can enhance, remix or change their pastel tones entirely between appointments!


Discover the Pastel Warrior look using Chroma ID and make your pastels pop:


Before & After


Before & After


This is the colour placement service for cool, smokey pastel looks with high-impact dimensions…



Colours used (all Chroma ID):

  • Colour 1: Blue + 9.5-19 + Clear (1:10:10)
  • Colour 2: Blue + 9.5-19 + Clear (1:20:20)
  • Colour 3: Yellow + Pink + Clear (2:1:20)
  • Colour 4: 9.5-1 + Pink + Clear (10:1:10)

Follow the steps below for more details:


Step 1
  • Step 1 – divide the hair into 4 sections by taking a cross parting
Step 2
  • Step 2 – starting at the back, take fine sections and apply colour 1 to the roots on both sides
Step 3
  • Step 3 – continue application through the mid-lengths and ends
Step 4
  • Step 4 – apply colours 2, 3 and 4 at the front taking diagonal sections; be creative with your pattern. Use foils to prevent blotting
Step 5
  • Step 5 – leave to develop for up to 10 minutes. Rinse until water runs clear, blow-dry and style

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