Hair How-To: Relaxing Massage

Enrich an indulging in-salon service with a relaxing massage before rinsing any hair care treatment:

Step 1 – Effleurage (5 minutes, 15 seconds)


Step 1

Create a sense of calm in preparation for the massage treatment:

  • Stroke your hands gently down your client’s head towards the nape, 3 or 4 times, to completely cover the head
  • Finish by holding your client’s head lightly until your breathing synchronises with them

Step 2 – Pétrissage (1 minute, 30 seconds)


Step 2
  • Place your hands on your client’s head with your fingers out-stretched, one hand should be on each side of their head, above the ears
  • Use the outside edge of the heels of your hands to make contact with the sides of the head
  • Roll the pressure up the edges of your hands to the tips of your little fingers
  • Maintaining a smooth rhythm, roll back from the little fingers, back down towards the heels of the hands
  • Move 2 finger widths up the head each time
  • Following parallel lines, work this technique over the whole head

Step 3 – Friction (1 minute, 30 seconds)


Step 3
  • Support the forehead with one hand
  • Rotate two fingers around from the other hand
  • Work back from the front hairline in a parallel line down from the front hairline towards the nape
  • Once at the nape area, hold both fingers pushing gently upwards and count to three
  • Return to the front hairline and once again work down towards the nape, 2 finger widths away from the first line
  • Count to three once at the nape area and repeat this process until you have covered the whole of one side of the head
  • Change sides and repeat the whole process on the opposite side of the head

Step 4 – Friction (1 minute)


Step 4
  • Starting with your hands on either side of the neck, slide your fingers up through your client’s hair keeping them close to the scalp
  • When you have gathered a handful of hair between the fingers, firmly pull away from your client’s head and allow the hair to move through your fingers under tension
  • Repeat this process all over the head, always pulling your client’s hair at right angles away from the scalp
  • Once completed, stroke or comb through the hair from the nape to the hairline

Step 5 – Friction (1 minute)


Step 5
  • Support your client’s forehead with one hand and place the heel of your other hand on the nape of one side of your client’s head
  • Knead the heels in circular movements with strong pressure up from the neck over the head towards the crown
  • Repeat this procedure on the other side of your client’s head, from the nape to the crown, stroking the hair after changing sides
  • Now repeat the process from the crown to the front hairline, on both sides of your client’s head
  • Finish by rubbing briskly over the head, then gently comb or stroke the hair

Step 6


Step 6

Complete the massage by placing both your hands firmly on your client’s shoulders. This provides a clear signal to your client that the massage is complete.