2021 Brings Inspiring New Seminars

2021 brings a new normal, and a new collection of exceptional seminar offerings from ASK Education. With a combination of physical and digital learning, these innovative seminars offer continued support after a particularly challenging time for hairdressers and salon-owners alike.


"The impact of COVID-19 was undeniable. But as an industry, we met those challenges head on and evolved new ways of doing things. We saw an explosion in digital education…That means we’ll continue to drive forward with our Blended Learning approach, combining physical seminars with the most engaging digital seminars in the business. Our lively, practical, hands-on sessions will still provide unique immersive learning experiences. But now, we’ll also provide digital seminars at your fingertips."


– Simon Ellis (@thesimonellis) | International Creative Director


Simon Ellis

Empowering Education for Professionals

ASK Education’s 2021 seminar programme has been enriched with a wealth of opportunity; a digital approach delivers to a number of different platforms, with the aim to inspire creativity, unlock potential and nurture personal growth. To balance the needs of every hairdresser, regardless of circumstance, the programme also offers a physical learning experience, with face-to-face guided classes and hands-on practical sessions.


2021 Brings Inspiring New Seminars

Hero seminars include topics such as:

  • Blondes of the World – contemporary blonde looks. "Get ready to feel inspired as you immerse yourself in the latest blonde looks…"
  • Care Consultant – a fresh approach to hair and scalp therapy. "Great cut, amazing colour, head-turning style…but the job’s not done yet! To keep them really happy, your client needs all of that to last as well…"
  • Styling Artistry – Transform ‘festival buzz’ into Instagrammable looks, with OSiS+ and OSiS+ Session Label. "Learn how to create your own signature style with insights from our award-winning stylists…"
  • Unplugged & Inspired – Hair. But make it fashion. "Cast your own models and create high-impact, catwalk-inspired images. This is your chance to flex your artistic muscles and realise your creative vision…"

Plus, through motivational Visionary Business Seminars hairdressers can really expand their horizons with education on topics including Retail, Community Growth and Salon Business.



ASK Education eAcademy

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