Back to Basics: Colour Applications Methods with IGORA VIBRANCE

The demand for hairdressers to recreate the looks their clients seen on social media is showing no signs of slowing down – if anything, it is getting more creative and fast-moving! For clients who want to try a fresh new look without the permanent commitment, IGORA VIBRANCE offers MORE salon business opportunities through bespoke, tailor-made services:


  • BREAK THE BRASS – neutralising tone-on-tone colour for blonde perfection
  • PAINT ME PASTEL – multifaceted pastel toning creates a playful tint
  • RUNWAY REBEL – beautiful bold fashion toning for a head-turning look


  • GLOSS BOSS – glossed-up balayage with outstanding shine
  • TEMPTING TONES – placements of vibrant colour for an eye-catching twist
  • ONE TWO GORGEOUS – a complete colour refresh with irresistible shine

Thanks to the unique consistencies available with IGORA VIBRANCE, hairdressers can adapt the product based on their clients’ needs and the techniques they need to use to achieve them using a variety of application methods:


Dual System Application

1. Dual System Application

This is a professional application method that combines permanent hair colour for the re-growth area with demi-permanent hair colour for the mid-lengths and ends. This system keeps hair lengths and ends in optimal condition for a more vibrant shine with touchable softness. Start application on dry hair:

  • Apply IGORA ROYAL to re-growth taking fine sections (leave to develop 10-20 mins)
  • Apply IGORA VIBRANCE evenly to mid-lengths and ends (leave to develop for another
    10-20 mins)
Full Head Application

2. Full Head Application

Start application on dry hair or damp hair:

  • Part the hair into 4 quadrants
  • Apply evenly from re-growth to mid-lengths and ends
  • Development time: 10-20 mins


Glossing, Clear Gloss, Pastel Toning & Neutralisation

3. Glossing, Clear Gloss, Pastel Toning & Neutralisation

IGORA VIBRANCE comes with 8 toners and a CLEAR 0-00; this can be used to neutralise after lightening services, or to create beautiful pastel tones.


4. Neutralisation After Lightening Services

Apply IGORA VIBRANCE Toner evenly to towel-dried hair:

  • Development time: develop visually for between 5-20 mins

5. Pastel Toning

Pre-Lighten hair to level 9 or lighter:

  • Apply IGORA VIBRANCE Toner evenly to towel-dried hair
  • Development time: develop visually for between 5-20 mins


Placement or Freehand Application

6. Placement or Freehand Application

Start application on dry hair:

  • Isolate selected strands in foils or work with a freehand technique to create multi-dimensional results
  • Development time: 10-20 mins

After any application method remember to advise salon clients on how to maintain their vibrant colour at home for longer with the BC Bonacure Color Freeze range!

So… are your clients ready for more? IGORA VIBRANCE’s head-turning campaign, shows how the same model can totally switch-up their look – for ultimate colour versatility! REimagine demi-permanent hair colour and follow the vibrant colour movement via @schwarzkopfpro and the #MOREVIBRANCE hashtag.