Q&A with Essential Looks Ambassadors – Part 2

Essential Looks is about rethinking, reworking, renewing and reinventing hair. Every day. Everywhere. Together, with a true passion for hair!


In part 2 of this blog post series, we hear from Ambassadors Joana Neves and Jack Howard. Make sure to check out part 1 for insights from Ambassadors, Tyler Johnston and Lesley Jennison as well as Colour Experimentalist, Edoardo Paludo.


Ambassador, Joana Neves (@joananeves):


Ambassador, Joana Neves

What’s your biggest inspiration for this season?

"It was all over the catwalk – McQueen, the Adams Family! I did the Marc Jacobs show and I loved the idea; to take the character of each individual girl and create an even better version. This is a beautiful approach, but also, it’s so like what we do for everyday clients – bringing out their unique beauty."


Which of your dreams have come true and how did it feel?

"Honestly, it has been working with the top people in fashion and some of the best hairdressers working today – like I am here with Essential Looks!"


Does social media make people more experimental with their hair?

"Definitely – Instagram and Pinterest are brilliant to inspire us – challenging us to do something new and giving us the opportunity to share our work. Before we had to get a photographer and a studio, now we can just do a look at home, snap it on our phone and put it out there..."


Global BLONDME Ambassador, Jack Howard (@jackhowardcolor):


Global BLONDME Ambassador, Jack Howard

You brought balayage to the UK. What’s next for colour?

"I’m widely credited with that and I’ve watched and been proud to be part of that change. Commercial colour has been the hot spot in salons now and this has been truly the decade of the colourist."


Who do you long to get your foils out for?

"For baby lights on bases that want to hit the root and for teasylights on darker bases who want a balayage effect!"


Do you think robots will ever cut and colour hair? Joking aside though, how important is the human aspect of hairdressing?

"For me to create my best work I know I have to connect with my clients. A client pays for my skill, my eye, and my taste, I don’t think machines can take the place of that!"


International Creative Director, Simon Ellis on Essential Looks:

"It’s not often you get so many real hair visionaries into one space, but this is how extraordinary happens. Where individual talents come together and combine into something that’s bigger than all of us. Everybody brings their own ideas, then we share, we discuss, and we create as a collective..."


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