Salon Techniques: Live life in even more colour with Chroma ID

Express every shade of your client’s personality with Chroma ID!


Showcasing the true versatility of our semi-permanent mix and tone colour system – Chroma ID – Schwarzkopf Professional Colour Ambassador Arjan Bevers demonstrates just how easy it is to work with Chroma ID’s 100% customisable portfolio in this Quick Salon Technique video!


The best bit? The colours Arjan mixes together for this look are the latest shades to be made available for at home colour maintenance:


Salon Techniques: Live life in even more colour with Chroma ID

Blended together these popular shades create a unique mix – or use them individually to either refine blonde bases with cool and beige tones, or to add a pastel pop of violet or rosé.


Salon Techniques: Live life in even more colour with Chroma ID

Watch and learn how to create this cool peachy-pink colour result by mixing varying amounts of the different Bonding Color Masks for an easy backwash service:



Colours used:

  • Roots – Chroma ID 8-46 + 8-19 (1:1)
  • Lengths and ends – Chroma ID 9.5-4 + 9.5-19 (1:2) + 1 pump of Pink

Chroma ID cendré mixes and subtle hues

In addition to the latest colours to be made available for at home use, Chroma ID has also added a technical colour tool and complementary shade to meet the needs of darker and more grey toned colour requests.


Salon Techniques: Live life in even more colour with Chroma ID

Chroma ID Off-Black is the counterpart to the Clear Bonding Color Mask – developed to intermix with Chroma ID intense shades to darken tones and create 'worn out', more subtle and dark colour effects.

  • Creates customised Color Masks
  • Muted colour results
  • Conditioning agents
  • Lasts up to 12 washes

Chroma ID 9-12 (Light Grey) – is for direct application, offering a clean, cool grey colour that's ideal alone, or when used to create unique cendré colour mixes.

  • Strongest neutralisation power for anti-yellow/orange tones
  • Provides beautiful, refreshed colour results
  • Low commitment
  • Can be used both in-salon and at home
  • Intermixable
  • Highly conditioning
  • Enhanced vibrancy

Chroma ID at-home colour

Don't forget! Our Chroma ID home maintenance line continues to grow – the most popular in-salon shades are also available for clients to take home for colour refreshment in-between appointments! Simply select one of the matching Chroma ID Bonding Color Masks for home maintenance, or mix together shades using a Chroma ID colour recipe.


Where can I learn more?

To learn more and be inspired, explore your local seminar offering to discover ways to keep your skills up-to-date with the very latest hair trends and client demands!