Lesley Jennison on the Innovative ColorMelter Tool

The innovative ColorMelter tool from Schwarzkopf Professional brings hairdressers a modern way to create customised colour combinations quicker and easier than ever before!


Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison talks about her breakthrough innovation in collaboration with Schwarzkopf Professional:


“I’m with my model Selena and I want to show you my favourite way of creating multi-tonal, shimmering melted colour… I’m going to be using ESSENSITY so I want to create that really natural… kind of better than natural, looking hair. I’m using my ColorMelter tray and sponge, which I created in collaboration with Schwarzkopf Professional.”


ColorMelter 1

“I wanted to come up with a tool that made it super easy, super fast for colourists to use in the salon on a day-to-day basis. I didn’t want this to be an ‘of the moment’ tool, I want this to have longevity – it’s not a gimmick – it works.”


ColorMelter 2

“You can apply three colours, or if you want, just two colours… and just so you remember which colours you are using you can put the little tags from the boxes in. We also have the sponge, with grooves, and you push the sponge into the colour and you just slide the colour(s) onto the hair!”


ColorMelter 3

“I’m using ESSENSITY – so those are beautiful soft and powdery colours – but you could use bleach with high-lift and tint all in one go… and you get that full saturation of colour.”


Watch the ColorMelter Tool in action



Lesley colours the nape and temple area with the base colour and covers it with paper foil. She uses the ColorMelter tool for the top section only; because the colours are very similar she is able to apply all the way from the roots to the tips.


“In our salon, we started using it a while ago and we have had the most amazing reaction from clients! What I really love about it is that you're giving your client this whole new technique, which is super quick for us to do, but gives them this feeling that you’re doing something that’s ‘wow’ and just for them. It’s really one of those ‘added-value’ tools that’s just for you and your client…” 


– Lesley Jennison | Global Colour Ambassador


From subtle, natural results to bold fashion colours the ColorMelter tool provides absolute customisation and super-fast application: Mix it. Slide it. Melt it.