Color Blender – the Must-Have Tool for Colourists

Colouring hair in 2020 is more creative than ever before. Hand-applied top lights, shiny depths, root shadow, toning shades and popping contrasts – and, when it comes to colour, anything goes!


This is where Schwarzkopf Professional’s Global Colour Ambassador Lesley Jennison (@lesleyjennison) comes in. Flying around the world, reading the zeitgeist, coming up with big ideas and sharing her experience with on-the-up colourists and Schwarzkopf Professional. Lesley’s breakthrough innovation – The Color Blender Tool – has been created in collaboration with Schwarzkopf Professional to make freehand colour applications, seamless and fuss-free.


Watch as International Creative Director, Simon Ellis (@thesimonellis) introduces the tool:



"We have a wonderful new contouring tool…The Color Blender. It’s an adaptation of a sponge; it’s angled, and the density of the sponge is absolutely critical. It doesn’t replace the brush, but what it enables one to do is to use multicolours and blend them together without demarcation lines…It is the next trend in modern colouring..."


Color Blender – the Must-Have Tool for Colourists


Lesley has been exploring the endless possibilities of using the Schwarzkopf Professional Color Blender tool:


"There are so many ways to use the Color Blender, I’m using it for blending a deeper colour at the roots to a softer, lighter colour on the ends. It is the easiest way to do this technique…It’s easy for me to blend a root to the ends but also, I can ensure that there is full saturation from roots to ends and all the way in-between. For me, it’s a winner."


Color Blender – the Must-Have Tool for Colourists


"I had the original idea from contouring tools used in skincare – and even on hair it makes all the blending and shading techniques a million times easier, and it’s so versatile – colourists can do a perfect balayage, root shadow, feathering – all the techniques – without having to rub the joins…It’s really easy to hold and makes time-consuming colour effects effortless…Plus, where colours meet it gives a really soft effect, which looks totally modern."


The Color Blender works with all colours, but the tones Lesley is most looking forward to playing with the latest IGORA VIBRANCE shades: Alpaca Blonde, Vintage Brown, Firewood and Magic Mushroom:


"I LOVE these. From soft beige blonde to lovely flat brunette, rich, coppery tones
and deep mauve-y, mushroom."


The Color Blender tool was the key blending tool used with this season’s Essential Looks Collection with a key technique used for each trend; #dualblending, #freehandblending, #multiblending.


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