TrendLab: #BLONDESOFTHEWORLD Dipped Blonde

As the only hair brand dedicated to blondes, BLONDME is becoming more diverse than ever, and the concept of blonde losing any geographical or ethnical boundary. To celebrate this, Schwarzkopf Professional’s exciting #BLONDESOFTHEWORLD campaign features nine blondes from nine different global metropolises!


Partnering with Schwarzkopf Professional, the TrendLab has opened its doors once again to welcome Jack Howard (@jackhowardcolor). In a series of #hairhacks Jack will showcase the key colour formulas used to create a range of key campaign looks.


TrendLab: #BLONDESOFTHEWORLD Dipped Blonde

This episode shows you how to craft the BLONDME Dipped Blonde look from London using a soft freehand technique on a level 3 base.





Colours used (on pre-lightened hair):

  • Colour 1: BLONDME Clay with 12% / 40 Vol. (1:1.5)
  • Colour 2: BLONDME Toning Deep Chestnut with 2% / 7 Vol. (1:1)
  • Colour 3: BLONDME Toning Milk Chocolate with 2% / 7 Vol. (1:1)


TrendLab: #BLONDESOFTHEWORLD Dipped Blonde
  • Step 1: section hair into 3 parts. Apply Colour 1 in the middle of the section, then blend it up to the roots and gradually spread it towards the ends
  • Step 2: continue to apply Colour 1 onto mid-lengths and ends, section by section. Leave for 45 minutes, then rinse: shampoo with BLONDME ALL BLONDES Rich Shampoo and treat with BLONDME ALL BLONDES Rich Conditioner for up to 2 minutes. Rinse thoroughly
  • Step 3: apply Colour 2 onto roots and Colour 3 onto mid-lengths and ends
  • Step 4: blend the colours in well, then leave for 20 minutes before rinsing
  • Extra Tip: on towel dried hair, apply the BLONDME BLONDE WONDERS Restoring Balm to leave the hair soft and shiny

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