Interview: 10 Minutes with Aromatherapy Expert Kazue Gill

Inspired by modern aromatherapy, luxurious haircare range, Oil Ultime has developed an in-salon Harmony Ceremony, powered by essential oils, to establish a bespoke and indulging service that balances, hair, scalp and mind.


The sensual aroma experience that Oil Ultime provides has been inspired by aromatherapy expert, Kazue Gill. The ASK team talk with Kazue as she shares her expert passion and knowledge to inspire every salon to become an oasis for well-being and #TRUEBEAUTY:


Kazue, can you tell us a little bit about yourself…?

“I used to work in London’s busy financial district and suffered from immense stress, with repeat headaches and tiredness. During this time, I discovered the power of massage with essential oils, finding that it gave me instant relief. I was so impressed by the effectiveness of essential oils and massage that I decided to change my career and help other people who may be suffering from physical pain, anxiety and fatigue...”


“…Now, with 20 years of experience under my belt I am performing and teaching aromatherapy and massage in Japan, whilst creating skin care products powered by essential oils.”


What exactly is aromatherapy?

“Traditionally, aromatherapy works with naturally derived essential oils, which are known to improve psychical and psychological well-being – essential oils can be experienced, among other ways, by the sense of smell. With its consistent use of herbal and plant based remedies, aromatherapy, has been practiced by different cultures since ancient times.”


What are essential oils?

“Essential oils are the aromatic, volatile compounds extracted – mostly by distillation – from herbs, citrus fruits, tree leaves and branches, as well as flowers. They are used for their medicinal and therapeutic properties and can be blended and used in various ways.”


What is not an essential oil?

“Any oil that is not 100% pure and natural is not an essential oil.”


How are essential oils used in aromatherapy?

“They are used topically, mixed into products such as creams, gels, oils, waxes, lotions and water for either therapeutic, or for beauty benefits (or both!). Essential oils work on the applied area directly or through dermal absorption. They can also be inhaled using diffusers, or by simply smelling a few drops on a tissue. Using essential oils in this way generates emotional and mental changes through the olfactory (sense of smell) system.”


Which personal qualities do you think are most valuable as an aromatherapist?

“Aromatherapists need to have knowledge of the evidence-based therapeutic properties found in essential oils, as well as an understanding of our body, medically as well as holistically...”


“…However, most of all we need to have love and empathy for the people we are trying to help. Without love and a holistic approach, essential oils would become just a less effective alternative for western drugs and the heart (real value) of aromatherapy would be missing…”


“…Words often fail to communicate what you really feel and what you really want to convey to the other person. However, touch and smell never get misunderstood; it is the most primitive mode of communication between animals in the natural world… Non-verbal communication is very important.”


What effect does aromatherapy have?

“Often it is underlying emotions, such as fear and anxiety, that give the most negative influence on our health – this happens through the autonomic nervous system [controls things such as breathing, the heartbeat, and digestive processes], the endocrine system [regulates metabolism, growth and development, tissue function, sleep and mood among other things] and the immune system [defends the body]…”


“…It has been proven that certain scents combined with a gentle loving touch [as used in aromatherapy] reduce negative emotions, leading to a positive influence on our health...”


“…When smelling a scent, the information goes immediately and directly to the part of the brain that triggers emotions; by stimulating the hypothalamus – the most important and irreplaceable part of the vegetative nervous system – hormones are released that will affect vigilance, mood and emotions.”


How could I use aromatherapy in my salon?

“Muscle tension in the head, neck and shoulders prevents relaxation, this can lead to fatigue, blood and lymph circulation can also be hindered, making it difficult for nutrients to reach and penetrate the skin. By stimulating important energy points in the scalp, and by activating lymph vessels in the neck through a relaxing or energising scalp massage, the skin and hair can regain health and beauty.”


Infused with Essential Oils, Oil Ultime’s in-salon service provides the perfect remedy for stressed hair and mind. Hairdressers can offer an indulging in-salon experience with an aromatic sensation that balances body and mind, helping clients find true inner and outer beauty – discover the full range infused with 100% natural oils.