True or False: 5 Common Hair and Scalp Myths Debunked

It’s time to separate hair myths from hair facts.


There are many 'old wives’ tales' when it comes to hair, skin and scalp care with conflicting information often being shared online. With that in mind, our education team dive into 5 of the more common hair and scalp myths to reveal the truth (and the science) behind them.


True or False: 5 Common Hair and Scalp Myths Debunked

MYTH #1: Shampooing every day is bad for scalp and hair condition

FALSE. There is nothing wrong with washing hair every day if the correct products are used. However, we recommended to add a proper care routine after cleansing as shampoos can be limited in this area. Think about this in terms of facial skincare: first we cleanse, then we care. So, make sure to also use the right conditioner or treatment after shampooing. For those who more frequently wash their hair, or suffer from a dry or delicate scalp, try our SCALP CLINIX Soothing range – it's infused with Allantoin, Bisabolol and Panthenol to re-balance the scalp's moisture level and provide a soothing feeling.


MYTH #2: Your hair and scalp can become 'addicted' to a care product

FALSE. The hair and scalp do not become dependent on certain care products, so they don't have to be changed after a certain amount of time!


True or False: 5 Common Hair and Scalp Myths Debunked

MYTH #3: Using the wrong care products can result in an unpleasant feeling on the scalp

TRUE. Before blaming your haircare products, it's important to understand the reasons behind symptoms such as an itchy, tight or unbalanced scalp. Firstly, you need to exclude any medical reasons for this – e.g., atopic dermatitis or psoriasis – as well as any environmental influences such as a dry climate or high levels of air pollution. Then you can consider the products being used. For example, applying care products incorrectly or using cleansing products with hash ingredients can also lead to irritation and itchiness – in these cases try switching your regime to use a milder shampoo and conditioner.


MYTH #4: Haircare should be different across the seasons due to temperature changes

TRUE. In winter, the extreme climate causes problems for the skin and therefore also the scalp. In particular, the cold and dry air outside, coupled with the warm and dry air inside, may lead to a dry scalp. When the scalp dries out, it can become tight, itchy, and prone to flaking. In these cases, it is recommended to take long, hot showers and/or introduce a hair and scalp care routine, such as SCALP CLINIX Flake Control – formulated with Octopirox it works gently, yet effectively against dandruff whilst helping to prevent new dandruff flakes from forming.


True or False: 5 Common Hair and Scalp Myths Debunked

As innocent as it sounds, wearing a hat in winter can also lead to the scalp's microbiome becoming unbalanced. Whilst a hat will protect against dry air, if not properly ventilated a microclimate can form leading to further scalp conditions.


Combat a poor scalp condition with exfoliating products such as SCALP CLINIX Pre-Shampoo Scrub – with Biotic Technology and Microbiome Active it gently exfoliates dead skin cells and prepares the scalp for cleansing, helping to remove any residue as it unclogs pores*.


*Do not use on an irritated scalp


True or False: 5 Common Hair and Scalp Myths Debunked

MYTH #5: Genes, stress and diet can impact the condition of the hair and scalp

TRUE. Basically, it's all about providing the body with all the nutrients it needs through a healthy and balanced diet to support the scalp and hair in the best possible way. Everyday our skin and hair are exposed to a multitude of different stress factors, such as harmful bacteria, environmental pollution or too much UV light. To counteract against such factors vitamins, antioxidants and minerals should be an important part of a balanced diet; this should also include polyunsaturated fatty acids, as they are important for a healthy skin barrier.


Antioxidants protect against free radicals in the cells and thereby help to keep the hair roots vital. Ultimately, vitamins and minerals are essential because they maintain different processes in our cells that also benefit the scalp and hair follicle.


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