Express Your Clients’ True Colour Identity

When it comes to colouring hair, professionals have long been wanting to offer a more individual service – from in the salon to at home maintenance – tailored to every clients’ unique hair needs. Thanks to our award-winning SalonLab Smart Analyzer and the newly activated colour sensor the days of one-size-fits-all colour are numbered – personalisation has been taken to the next level with exclusively customised Chroma ID shades for colour refreshment at home!



SalonLab Smart Analyzer – colour and care expertise beyond the eye

By activating the colour sensor, the SalonLab Smart Analyzer continues to revolutionise in digital hair diagnostics, truly putting individual colour and care needs at the centre of every in-salon experience.


Stylists are able to elevate their expertise by gathering and analysing both biometric hair condition and colour data; this scientific approach provides a new level of data-driven insights with a multitude of benefits for a fact-based consultation.



SalonLab Smart Analyzer – how the colour sensor works

Equipped with a 6-channel sensor component, the colour sensor can see and measure a client’s current hair colour, whilst the near-infrared sensor assesses inner hair quality. After analysis, the SalonLab Smart Analyzer will instantly send data to the connected SalonLab Consultation App to recommend hyper-customised solutions using our most advanced and powerful repair technology from Fibre Clinix and Scalp Clinix– as well as a personalised colour treatment from mix and tone system Chroma ID.


Express Your Clients’ True Colour Identity

Bespoke hair colouring with Chroma ID

Chroma ID is our first 100% customisable, semi-permanent mix and tone colour system for infinite service opportunities. From subtle to bold global colour and neutralisation in-salon, to colour refreshment and pastel toning at home – Chroma ID offers complete colour flexibility with no damage. The treatment-based colour, with Integrated Bonding Technology and an intense caring formula, allows for simple, quick and perfectly even colour distribution; hair is deeply conditioned from within for increased strength and vibrant colour results.


Excite your salon clients with exclusively customised Chroma ID shades

To further support your clients' colour identity, Chroma ID has developed 18 new refreshment shades, as well as 12 pastel and bold shades designed to increase your salon's over-the-counter (OTC) profile by 80%. The shades can be easily mixed using our current in-salon Chroma ID products and colour recipes; ready for your client to take home for beautifully, long-lasting colour results.


Here’s how it works:

  • Step 1 – mix the recommended recipe with your Chroma ID in-salon products. Use the exact indicated mixing ratio. The filling quantity should add up to at least 250g (as claimed on the packaging)


Express Your Clients’ True Colour Identity
  • Step 2 – stick the matching, ready-at-hand INCI label of your chosen shade onto the jar lid and close properly


Express Your Clients’ True Colour Identity
  • Step 3 – using a permanent marker, write the production batch codes of the used in-salon shade(s) in the predefined empty space on the jar. The production batch code is printed onto the back of your in-salon shades

By combining a smart colour consultation experience with exclusively customised Chroma ID shades, every salon client can enjoy a more tailored in-salon colour service with professional home maintenance advice.


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