Consultation Tips: Become a Hair and Scalp Expert

Healthy hair starts at the scalp!


Our new customisable Scalp Clinix system is a natural expansion to the Fibre Clinix range, enabling hairdressers to become the ultimate hair and scalp care expert; offering their clients a totally customised in-salon service and home maintenance regime that holistically cares for both the hair and scalp.


Consultation Tips: Become a Hair and Scalp Expert

Hair and Scalp Consultation

Whilst the consultation and diagnosis of a client's hair is a known and established step in any salon journey, the scalp often gets forgotten. We're here to support a new way of thinking to help YOU become the ultimate hair and scalp care expert using four steps to a bespoke consultation for a completely customisable service.


To prescribe a targeted in-salon and home care regime an in-depth understanding of the cause and impact of scalp imbalances is required – after all a healthy and balanced microbiome leads to healthy scalp which sets the base for beautiful hair.


Watch an expert hair and scalp consultation in action and work your way through the steps below:





Step 1: Ask and Listen

Regardless of age, here are some questions that will help you to better understand your client’s needs during their consultation:

  • What are your scalp and haircare rituals?
  • What do you like about your hair?
  • How would you describe the condition of your scalp?
  • What have you done to your scalp and hair in the past that you’ve liked/disliked?
  • What is your diet like?
  • What is your lifestyle like?

Listen to your client's scalp and hair challenges to help solve them with your hands-on expertise.


Step 2: Diagnosis

The diagnosis forms the basis of a targeted and fully customisable in-salon service and home care regime:

  • Analyse your client’s scalp condition
  • Talk to your client about their scalp condition to find out any sensitivities such as itchiness or tension
  • Visibly analyse the scalp to check if it looks healthy, oily, dry, prone to dandruff or shows any redness

For clients looking for fully transformative results, continue by:

Step 3: Prescription

Conducting a unique and customisable Scalp Clinix in-salon service and home care regime answers your client´s scalp needs and provides a long-term care solution for increased salon loyalty and superior results:

  • Mix a customised treatment for your client
  • Explain which products you are using and why
  • For a more holistic hair and scalp service combine with a Fibre Clinix Treatment and Booster to address the client’s specific hair needs with minimum additional time effort

Step 4: Recommendation

Recommend a Scalp Clinix and/or Fibre Clinix home care regime that matches the in-salon service to help maintain the service results in between visits:

  • Create a scalp and haircare plan for your client
  • Explain the benefits of the prescribed products
  • Give advice on product usage
  • If relevant, provide tips on how a change of diet and lifestyle habits could improve scalp condition

Additional Consultation Support

Don't forget, we also provide the most comprehensive consultation support whenever you need it – the Hair Expert App is an exclusive tool to help hairdressers customise the perfect prescription for every client – from consultation to in-salon service as well as a recommended home care regime.


You can also explore your local seminar offering and learn how to deliver completely bespoke services to your clients with courses focused on individual care and all the customisable product features in our Scalp Clinix and Fibre Clinix ranges.