Knowing Your Client

Knowing your client is the key to success. This can be achieved with the aid of good social skills and awareness combined with experience, initiative and expertise.

Build Trust
This can be achieved by listening carefully to a client’s ideas and opinions and developing a rapport. It may sometimes be obvious that you will never get along on a personal level, however a customer will usually respect and trust professionalism and genuine ability. Ultimately, if the hairstyle works, the client will normally return!

Be Innovative
Even if a hairstyle works, don’t be afraid to suggest changes and introduce your client to new products. In this way a client will feel they have your confidence and interest. Often customers will stop visiting a salon, not because they are dissatisfied with their cut, but because they want a change.

Understand Your Client’s Hair
Always strive to perfect a look or style. Even after an extensive hair analysis it is not always possible to achieve the optimum result. Continue to fine-tune care, colour, form and finish, and record the results on a client record card. Your client will appreciate this attention to detail.

Avoid Jargon
Most customers will not want to discuss complicated technical and scientific principle! Stick to the features and benefits of products, learn how to sell a look and inspire your clients. Use images from magazines or Essential Looks, get to know your client’s favourite personalities and refer to these when discussing hair.

Keep a Positive Attitude
A hairdressing appointment is often an escape from the real world. The whole process should be relaxing and enjoyable; a good result will help to lift confidence and self-esteem. Don’t ruin this with a negative attitude.

One of the most satisfying parts of the job of being a hairdresser is making your client feel more beautiful and happy. You will find that by knowing your client and building loyal relationships you will be rewarded on both a personal and professional level.