Essential Brands: OSiS+ Long Hair Texture Styling

Low-key, easy-to-achieve looks with #iwokeuplikethis vibes continue to be in focus – today’s long hair clients want an effortless, natural look with texture and movement that’s also easily achievable at home. Plus, in our fast-paced lives, they want it quickly!

Schwarzkopf Professional’s leading styling brand meets this need with the launch of four new long hair texture styling products from OSiS+; complementing the existing OSiS+ BOHO REBEL Pigmented Dry Shampoo refreshing range.


Essential Brands: OSiS+ Long Hair Texture Styling


Create Tomorrow's Texture Today with OSiS+ Long Hair Texture Styling!


What is it?

It’s time to reject heavy, stiff, sticky and artificial styling and welcome a whole new effortless approach to long hair styling. OSiS+ Long Hair Texture Styling provides four super-lightweight products for limitless dry texture styling options with easy handling.


What can you do with it?

With a styling solution to suit most long hair needs, it’s easy to pick an OSiS+ Long Hair Texture Styling product that allows you to create effortless texture own way: 

  • OSiS+ Texture Craft Dry Texture Spray
    An invisible, dry texturising spray with the power to create, shape and define volume and texture without compromising on natural feel and shine.
  • OSiS+ Soft Dust Soft Volumising Powder
    A nourishing formula with encapsulated coconut extract and sea salt for instant volume and root lift plus a moisturised, soft-to-touch hair feel.
  • OSiS+ Fresh Texture Dry Shampoo Foam
    Perfect prep for textured looks. A cleansing foam infused with seven herbs that treats a normal to greasy scalp to deliver root lift and reactivate volume without shampooing.
  • OSiS+ Soft Texture Dry Conditioner
    A multi-talented dry beautifier that detangles the hair giving it a velvety shine and a frizz-free hair surface.


Essential Brands: OSiS+ Long Hair Texture Styling


What is the big deal?

Thanks to breakthrough Friction Styling Technology, the OSiS+ Long Hair Texture Styling range provides a new era of texture styling control! The formulas combine flexible polymers with micro-raw particles that adhere to the hair fibre for a uniquely special effect; when hair is rubbed with fingers to create friction, the particles become entangled to create a non-sticky hold with incredible texture that can be reactivated whenever needed!

Give me the facts!

  • Four ultra-dry formulas, perfect for long hair styling
  • Innovative Friction Styling Technology where scrunching that reactivates style
  • Invisible performance without the 'helmet hair' feel
  • Provides lightweight texture, volume and root-lift
  • Specialist hero ingredients used within each unique product

Where can I learn about it?

Brush-up your styling skills and learn how to create effortless finishes, enhanced texture and overall finishing techniques in a Progressive Styling Seminar from Schwarzkopf Professional's ASK Education:

ASK eAcademy

Discover even more OSiS+ Long Hair Texture Styling product details with audio-visual training from the ASK eAcademy: