BUSINESS – How Do I Find the Right Staff for my Salon?

How Do I Find the Right Staff for my Salon?

To ensure your salon business is successful today and in the future, you need a team that is experienced, with a range of skills and knowledge, as well as a capacity to learn and grow.


Creating a salon team that fits your salon vision and culture, with a skill set and attitude to match, should be your key objective when considering a recruitment strategy.


Internal Recruitment 

Depending on the role(s) required it might be easier to first look at the internal options that are available to you, i.e. investing in your existing team.

Ask yourself the following:

  • Is it feasible to promote/upskill existing team members?
  • Could part-time employees take on extra days? 
  • Would it make more sense to re-educate existing staff?
  • Should staff be sent on a seminar course or training day? 
  • Would an in-salon team training day be more cost-effective?

External Recruitment 

Alternatively, you can look to external resources, i.e. the job market. Keep in mind that recruitment through the job market can be a challenging process to acquire experienced, qualified and friendly staff. The hiring process requires time and patience, so make sure you can commit to the full process before advertising new salon positions.


So, where will I find the right staff?

  • Advertising via your salon website
  • Social media & digital marketing 
  • Job centre & job market websites
  • Traditional advertising (hairdressing magazines, journals etc.)
  • Industry relevant websites
  • Networking through existing staff members, clients, friends and family
  • Contacts in hairdressing schools & colleges
  • Salon window

Excellent hairdressers are the base for an extraordinary and successful salon! When recruiting new team members remember to consider the following:


“Hire for character, train for skill”


– Peter Schutz | Former CEO of Porsche AG and author of 
The Driving Force:
Getting Extraordinary Results with Ordinary People



In this book, Schutz explains that people are the heart and soul of any business – it’s easy to develop knowledge and skills but it is difficult to develop attitude, self-image, personal values, characteristics and individual traits.


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