How to Entice Your Clients to Spend More

Inspire your clients with your knowledge, understanding and passion for looking after their hair and in return grow your bottom line.

A professional hairdresser will capitalise on the information gleaned from a good consultation to recommend add-on products and services that the client may never have tried or even been aware existed.

In a market where hairdressers compete with retail outlets for an array of similar products the real point of difference we have is in our ability to analyse and prescribe specific solutions from a professional range of products and services.

Likewise with colour, the consumer can choose from an array of home colour products. As professionals our opportunity lies not in our products but in our ability to design a colour technique, result and experience that cannot be bought off the shelf.

Be passionate and inspirational in your consultations
Enthusiasm is contagious; if you are passionate about what you do you will inspire trust and belief in your clients to have more.

Use your expertise to recommend additional services that are relevant to that client

Passion and enthusiasm alone are not enough especially if you want repeat business - you need to be back it up with sound knowledge and technical execution.

Never stop learning new techniques and ideas
If you don’t inspire yourself you won’t inspire anyone else, never give up learning better, faster or just different ways of doing things as it excites people and creates awareness of opportunities for additional products and services.

Stay abreast of all fashion trends

Fashion is about change and we are in the fashion business. Stay abreast of all new trends. Even though you may not always like them, it is important to know what is happening in the world of fashion and develop techniques and ideas to suit your own and your clients’ aesthetics giving you the opportunity to promote new products and services. To get the latest and most accurate information and inspiration on hair trends don’t miss the Essential Looks collections from Schwarzkopf Professional.

Always suggest alternatives even if the client doesn’t immediately take them up, you have planted a seed

It is essential not just for your clients but also yourself that you constantly suggest changes even if they are small. Take your clients on a journey they may not have it this time but maybe the next!

Set productivity growth targets for all your team
Don’t rest on your laurels! Everyone should be growing in their productivity, having targets to aim for reminds everyone that this is a business and businesses need to grow.

Reward achievement
When your team collectively and individually achieve their goals, recognise and reward that achievement. Behaviour that get recognised gets repeated!

Drive additional growth without investing in recruiting new clients
Recognise that it is easier to increase the value from your existing business than it is gaining new clients.

Focus and team awareness helps to grow this area of your business
The salon owner’s role is to use all these tools to develop the team and the business to ensure that every client and every team member is being maximised to their individual potential.

Happy clients will happily spend more
Fundamental to your success as a stylist or a salon is maximising the opportunity to increase the average client bill. It’s not a case of ‘selling people something they don’t want or need’. Instead it is an opportunity to use your expertise and professionalism to inspire your clients to enjoy the full range of the products and services you offer. A healthier bottom line for the business is the net result.