What’s Your Recruitment Strategy?

In this blog post the ASK team explore how to develop a three-stage strategy for attracting, gaining and retaining talent.



You need to formulate a consistent and persuasive ‘employer brand’ for your salon.


The aim in all recruitment contact and media activity is to get across the all-important message that your salon can offer challenging careers based on the following principle examples:

  • Promising career
  • Professional training and development
  • Excellent rates of pay 
  • Great prospects
  • Excellent working conditions


Once you have captured attention, you need to build contacts with your target population and guarantee that you attract and then win suitably qualified candidates from your pool of high potentials.


Maximise your opportunities by:

  • Using career fairs, shows or events where you can market your salon to a broad audience of potential staff
  • Organising some special recruitment events for your target group
  • Dealing with the key hairdressing schools


Retaining is all about making people want to stay. For example, internships/apprenticeships give real professional experience. If these experiences are positive for you, your salon and the student, a vital bond of loyalty is created.


Nurturing these contacts creates an invaluable talent pool from which you can recruit directly. At this stage, it is also your turn to make sure that working at your salon lives up to expectations, by being stimulating, rewarding and great fun!


Everyone is an ambassador. So remember everything you say and do, at a recruitment event or in your daily professional surrounding and/or private sphere, can influence potential candidates. Take the chance to sell your image!