How to Optimise Prime Buying Zones in Your Salon

Consider the different zones of your salon to determine how best to optimise your retail efforts:


  • Use this area for advertising
  • Attract customers passing by
  • Encourage walk-in sales for products displayed
  • Displays should be simple yet eye-catching in keeping with salon branding

Wash Basin

  • Providing a consultation on what is used here directly impacts the clients purchase decision
  • Remember to place any products being used in view of the client

Cash Register

  • Place impulse purchase items here or small ‘hero’ product counter displays
  • Make samples and leaflets available here for clients to take home

Waiting Area

  • Place main displays here

At the Chair (Consultation and Finish)

  • Use a small display/discuss products


  • Place new products or promotions here

Displaying products is a subtle way of introducing retailing opportunities to clients. Eye-catching promotions will often spark conversation that can lead to added sales and impulse purchases.