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Schwarzkopf Professional brings you the latest in news, events and everything that's going on in the world of hairdressing. Whether we're showing off the hottest trends in our latest Essential Looks collection, bringing you one of our fantastic product launches or announcing an exciting new salon partner, you will find everything you need here - Don't forget to regularly check back for all the latest goings on! 

Schwarzkopf Professional News


Mad about is the holistic care and styling regime dedicated to respecting each and every hair texture, for gorgeous, lasting waves, curls and lengths that you can be truly proud of. Discover the latest assortments from the care and styling brand – Mad about Lengths and Mad about Curls Superfood.


Dare to go longer with the Mad about Lengths range. The hair care regime empowers long hair from root to tips with weightlessly moisturising formulas, resulting in beautifully longer, more supple and healthier hair that doesn’t need a big cut with every salon visit.


Mad about Curls Superfood enhances the natural texture and beauty of coily hair, one of the most fragile and dry hair types with fewer cuticle layers. Featuring a blend of four superfood oils, the Mad about Curls Superfood Mask and Leave-in Treatment intensively nourish, moisturise and strengthen tight textures, to retain natural oils while adding sheen and softness.


It's time to celebrate your curls, lengths and waves... they are as unique and individual as you are. Check out the new Mad about ranges today!

Mad about
BLONDME Clay Lightener


Discover Schwarzkopf Professional's 1st Premium Clay Lightener with integrated Bond Enforcing Technology for utmost precision and beautiful, natural-looking blonde results.


Create modern free-hand blonde looks easier, faster, and more efficient than ever before!


BLONDME's Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener is the 1st clay-based lightener with integrated Bond Enforcing Technology that spreads easily and provides complete accuracy with a unique soft-to-solid formula.


Instead of using classic foil highlights, the premium soft-to-solid formula creates an outer-shell that allows the lightener to remain moist inside, while releasing maximum lightening power within the hair. The integrated Bond Enforcing Technology enforces strong structural bonds during the lightening process, while lifting up to an impressive 7 levels.


Watch our Caramel Kiss tutorial with BLONDME Ambassador Jack Howard to learn how to achieve seamless, on-trend balayage Looks using the BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Clay Lightener.


Don't forget to share your beautiful balayage results using the hashtag #ILOVEBLONDME


Be inspired by the world of BLONDME...




Discover the world of raw and tarnished browns! New IGORA Ashy Cedar and Earthy Clay shades have enriched the IGORA portfolio with cool, matte and neutral tone directions that offer a modern, powdery take on browns!


Experience the first dual application trend collection, with IGORA Ashy Cedar and Earthy Clay shades available in both permanent (IGORA ROYAL) and demi-permanent (IGORA VIBRANCE) assortments, to truly meet all hairdresser and client needs.


IGORA Ashy Cedar offers IGORA's strongest neutralising shades with hues of petrol, for neutral and matte brown results, especially when lifting or highlighting dark bases. IGORA Earthy Clay features muted, earthy and dusted brown shades for a sophisticated and iridescent look, upgrading bare beauty!


"I simply love the modern looks the new IGORA Earthy Clay and Ashy Cedar shades allow me to create. They're subtle and cool; really beautiful to work with and a completely fresh take on neutral browns…" Schwarzkopf Professional Global Colour Ambassador, Lesley Jennison.


Watch our IGORA Ashy Cedar and Earthy Clay tutorials with Lesley Jennison to learn more about the in-salon #alicebands services.


Experience the beautiful muted and powdery brown colour result of the new IGORA Ashy Cedar and Earthy Clay shades… perfect for the autumn/winter season!

IGORA Ashy Cedar and Earthy Clay
Essential Looks


Discover the latest trends from Schwarzkopf Professional's Essential Looks. This season's hair trends have a sharp focus on extremes, colours and contradictions. In our brand new Autumn/Winter 2:2019 collection, these trends have been transformed into cutting-edge looks by some of the world's most visionary hair artists.


The Creating Tomorrow’s Colour Today Collection showcases eight looks across three key trends:


Color Clash celebrates bold shades, glamorous clashes and strong silhouettes, alongside rich, fluid movement and understated power.


Urbaganza reinvents classics with a slick, high-shine edge; norms are shaken up, classic forms are fearlessly reimagined and unexpected combinations take the lead.


Texture Tension plays on translucence and purity, showing that sometimes less is more and life is about making an understatement.


The collection strikes a balance between high fashion lovers and individuals making an anti-establishment, anti-fashion statement.


“It’s a super diverse new world order of self-expression, where everybody has the freedom to be whoever they want to be and exercise their human right to creative expressionism, all the way. While change is in the air, we are also seeing a deep need for authenticity in everything." Schwarzkopf Professional International Creative Director, Simon Ellis


Let your imagination run wild with the Creating Tomorrow’s Colour Today Collection!


Schwarzkopf Professional showcases their global initiative in a brand-new documentary series.


Through long-running partnerships with NGOs and a network of hairdressers, Schwarzkopf Professional transforms the lives of socially disadvantaged young adults through their Shaping Futures hairdresser training programme.


To celebrate the incredible dedication of everybody involved in this social initiative – and to highlight the difference it brings to hundreds of lives around the world – Schwarzkopf Professional is proud to release the documentary: “Inside Shaping Futures”. The documentary takes you on a journey into the emotional world of Shaping Futures. Inside views are depicted by NGOs, hairdresser trainers, Schwarzkopf Professional partners and the Shaping Futures students themselves.


"It's quite a unique experience for all of us that are involved...the passion that the students have to learn and to advance in their life is as equally touching for us, as the experience of the training is for them.” – Coralie Loth, Shaping Futures Manager at Schwarzkopf Professional


Experience the power of education and check out the four-part documentary series now.

Shaping Futures
OSiS+ Long Hair Texture


Styling long hair is changing and moving away from hyper-polished, high-maintenance looks. Today's long hair clients want a more low-key, natural look with movement and texture. Plus, they want it quickly!


Schwarzkopf Professional’s leading styling brand, OSiS+, has created a new texture styling range that provides light-weight texture, effortless volume and instant root-lift. The four brand new products within the range include: a dry texture spray, soft volumising powder, dry shampoo foam and dry conditioner.


Invisible performance, innovative science, feather-light action and ultra-dry formulas make heavy, sticky, artificial looks history.


Thanks to innovative Friction Styling Technology, the OSiS+ Long Hair Texture styling range is able to hold hair beautifully, with natural movement, volume and texture.


The Friction Styling Technology promotes:

  • Lightweight texture, volume and root-lift
  • Powdery hair feel
  • No helmet hair
  • Style reactivation by scrunching

With a styling solution for long hair, the OSiS+ Long Hair Texture range opens up a new world of effortless possibilities.


Discover Schwarzkopf Professional's 1st blonde recovery regime to leverage the power of Vitamin C.


Pollution, dust, and hard water often give especially chemically-processed blonde hair a brassy or slightly green tone reflection. BLONDME's Detoxifying System has been formulated to not only counteract dull, brassy or green tones, but to also protect the hair from environmental aggressors.


The 3 part system includes: the Purifying Bonding Shampoo to remove impurities and mineral build-up; the Shot to recover brightness and shine with Vitamin C when mixed with BLONDME Keratin Restore Bonding Mask; and the Bi-Phase Bonding & Protecting Spray, a lightweight protective mist to nourish and shield the hair from environmental aggressors.


The range features integrated bonding technology that helps to create new bonds within the hair fibre. With Vitamin C, Amino Acid complex, Allantoin, and Malic Acid, known for their detoxifying properties.


Revive and protect healthy looking, bright blonde results using the BLONDME Detoxifying System.

BLONDME Detoxifying System
BC Sun Protect


For most people summer is their favourite time of the year, however for hair this can be one of the toughest seasons; sun, sea salt, chlorine and warmer weather leave locks feeling dry and dull with an unmanageable look…


However, help is on the way, thanks to the newly revamped BC Sun Protect haircare range!


New BC Sun Protect has been specially developed to protect, cleanse and treat all hair types before, during and after sun exposure. The formula, with a cocktail of exotic ingredients – moisturising Buriti Oil from the wetland regions of the Amazon and replenishing Sea Algae Extract – shields, nourishes and beautifies sun-stressed hair, so sun-seekers can forget about poor hair condition and colour fade, and just focus on looking amazing 24/7!


Check out the full BC Sun Protect range today.


Here at Schwarzkopf Professional, we're excited to announce the eagerly-awaited launch of a new permanent colour range tbh – true beautiful honest. Reflecting the current desire for realism and authenticity in beauty, tbh – true beautiful honest offers a unique and honest solution to hair colouring.


tbh – true beautiful honest stands for:


truly unique colour results that illuminate the hairs' natural highs and lows with natural shine, for up to 100% multi-dimensional coverage.


beautifully authentic shimmering powdery tones with subtle iridescent undertones.


Genuinely honest approach in communicating the ingredients in the tbh – true beautiful honest formulations and what they do.


The tbh – true beautiful honest range boasts 26 colours across three different colour worlds to ignite hairdresser's creativity and create wonderfully authentic results: 

  • Natural: neutral hues with a subtle hint of chocolate (6 shades)
  • Cool: counteract underlying warmth with modern smoky tones (13 shades)
  • Warm: luxury primary reflections, muted by rose undertones (7 shades)

Join the era of authentic attitude with tbh – true beautiful honest #betbh.

tbh - true beautiful honest
BC Bonacure Heroes


Schwarzkopf Professional's leading haircare brand BC Bonacure has launched four new hero products. Formulated with skincare-inspired technology, the latest heroes have been created to meet the needs of the latest trends so that hairdressers and their clients can continue to #BELIEVEINCONFIDENCE.


BC Bonacure’s problem-solving ranges have been extended to provide four targeted haircare heroes for glossing, pigmented care, layering and blow-dry repair:


1. BC Bonacure UV Filter Color Freeze Liquid Shine – for coloured and highlighted hair, this is a weightless serum, formulated with the colour glossing trend in mind.


2. BC Bonacure pH 4.5 Color Freeze Chocolate Micellar Shampoo – for coloured or natural brunette hair, this gentle, pigmented shampoo intensifies and enhances brown bases.


3. BC Bonacure Keratin Smooth Perfect Duo Layering – a frizz-taming duo, formulated for thick and frizzy hair types to meet the latest layering trend.


4. BC Bonacure Peptide Repair Rescue Blow Defense – for damaged, distressed hair, this is a rich restorative strengthening cream, that repairs medium to coarse hair whilst blow-drying.


With one BC Bonacure hero dedicated to each haircare need, salon clients can enjoy even more in-salon services and bespoke regimes at home with personalised product combinations.


Check out the full BC Bonacure range today!


Here at Schwarzkopf Professional, we continuously strive to deliver high-performing, versatile product ranges and now thanks to innovative new technologies and consistencies, the demi-permanent IGORA VIBRANCE range can do even MORE!


The state of the art moisturising demi-permanent hair colour – with a liquid formula that can turn into a gel or a cream – means that clients can expect MORE and hairdressers can deliver MORE…


…MORE Performance, MORE Convenience, MORE Versatility, MORE Choice!


The Moisture Protecting Complex with AQUAXYL™ Technology controls the hair’s inner moisture level to stabilise the internal structure of each hair fibre. This protects against hair breakage and creates a clean canvas for an even colour result, with a vibrant shine!


The assortment now contains 68 IGORA VIBRANCE colour shades, including IGORA VIBRANCE Clear 0-00; a non-pigmented formulation that can be used for a stand-alone gloss upgrade, after every colour service, or to dilute IGORA VIBRANCE shades to reduce depth, intensity and to create pastel tones.


For clients who want to try a fresh new look without the permanent commitment, IGORA VIBRANCE offers MORE salon business opportunities through bespoke, tailor-made services…


Discover the versatile looks of IGORA VIBRANCE today!

BC Fibre Clinix


BC Fibre Clinix answers the need for a totally customisable salon-exclusive regime that targets all hair types. The Triple Bonding and C21 Technology within BC Fibre Clinix, combined with a new range of hyper-customisable Boosters, allows hairdressers to create bespoke, tailor-made salon services for their clients.


Hairdressers can easily CLEANSE, TREAT and BOOST their client's hair, to fundamentally transform the hair fibre back to perfectly healthy virgin properties*.


CLEANSE with BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Shampoo
A gentle, yet effective cleansing shampoo for all hair types that prepares the hair structure for a personalised BC Fibre Clinix Treatment.


TREAT with BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment for coarse or fine hair
A choice of two BC Fibre Clinix treatments that reconnect the inner hair structure for improved resilience and strength, whilst sealing the outer hair structure for better manageability and shine.


BOOST with a choice of BC Fibre Clinix Boosters
Developed with BC Bonacure’s unique concentrated skincare-inspired technology, each BC Fibre Clinix Booster is mixed with the relevant BC Fibre Clinix Tribond Treatment to create customised care that targets inner and outer hair damage for specific hair needs.


The new generation of bonding technology in BC Fibre Clinix increases elasticity and resilience, for hair that is up to 10x stronger** – meaning that hairdressers and clients alike can continue to #BelieveinConfidence!


*Biophysical combing tests if medium bleached hair vs. virgin hair
**vs. untreated hair


It’s time to discover the new BC Bonacure range and explore the dedicated BC Bonacure website.


Delve into the world of Hair Care and find the perfect treatments, customised for every hair type. With breakthrough Micellar Technology, this new range, containing skincare-inspired ingredients, will give you the confidence to look and feel beautiful.


Meet our four influential social stars, as they share their haircare secrets and dilemmas, and test out the latest BC products. Caroline Silta, Alexandra Pereira and Juli Mery give us their insights on what beauty means to them and why their hair gives them confidence.


So what are you waiting for, check out the BC Bonacure website today!

BC Bonacure Microsite
Oil Ultime


The daily pressures of life can have a negative effect on physical and mental well-being, leading to stress, headaches and fatigue. More and more, individuals are turning to the healing power of Essential Oils to balance the mind, body and spirit. To offer an oasis of harmony away from everyday stresses we have launched our new premium hair care brand powered by oils, Oil Ultime.


Inspired by modern aromatherapy, Oil Ultime has been developed with precious Essential Oils as well as 100% natural, purified oils to REbalance and REilluminate hair, scalp and mind.


The in-salon Harmony Ceremony is a sensorial journey based on aromatherapy that combines Essential Oils with an exfoliating scalp massage to beautify hair and balance the mind.


Each in-salon ceremony is combined with the Oil Ultime Oil-In-Scrub, which contains luxurious Lotus Flower Extract and precious Argan Shell particles to remove impurities and release clogged up pores.


For beauty that radiates from the inside out, hair is then cleansed and beautified with high-performing, yet lightweight oil formulas for either fine to medium hair (Oil Ultime Marula & Rose Oil range) or medium to coarse hair (Oil Ultime Argan & Barbary Fig Oil range).


Finally, as a finishing touch, a complementary Oil Ultime Finishing Oil is selected to complete the service, leaving hair illuminated with radiant shine and sublime softness.


Find your inner and outer beauty with Oil Ultime today.

Together #apassionforhair

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