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Hair How-To: IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Disheveled Nudes – Emma

Digital art meets the real world as Jorge Cáncer – world-renowned educator and member of X-presion Creativos (@xpresioncreativos) – showcases his signature Organic #Pixelhair Technique as part of the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Disheveled Nudes for Essential Looks.

To recreate this viral trend, explore the steps below:

Before & After


Before & After

Colours Used:

  • COLOUR 1 – IGORA #RoyalTakeOver DISHEVELED NUDES 8-176 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 6%
  • COLOUR 2 – IGORA VARIO BLOND Plus + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 6% 1:2
  • COLOUR 3 – IGORA #RoyalTakeOver DISHEVELED NUDES 9-481 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3%
  • COLOUR 4 – IGORA #RoyalTakeOver DISHEVELED NUDES 9.5-314 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3%
  • COLOUR 5 – IGORA #RoyalTakeOver DISHEVELED NUDES 9-567 + IGORA ROYAL Oil Developer 3% 1:1


Colours Used
  • The organic pixel technique is a very visual technique combining sharp, graphic lines and colour gradings. The positioning of the pixels depends strongly on the haircut, therefore shape and length need to be considered before colouring



  • Start creating pixels at the front, taking very fine horizontal slices
  • Apply the lightener with a very precise line at the bottom of the pixel by using the Schwarzkopf Professional Silicone Brush whilst creating a soft grading towards the upper end of the pixel by using a normal Schwarzkopf Professional tint brush


  • Pixels should be slightly staggered and overlapped in each slice (similar to a brick wall pattern) to reinforce the pixel effect
  • Work your way through the front still using the lightener only, layering and fixing slices on transparent foil with hairspray as you go

In-Between Colour Result


In-Between Colour Result

Pixel Effect Colours


Pixel Effect Colours
  • Section the pre-lightened hair into six horizontal sections working backwards through the parting
  • Colours 1, 3, 4 and 5 should be alternated onto the pre-lightened base to achieve a balanced end result; always check your technique visually from section to section to ensure the desired balance of shades
  • Start colouring on one side, at the front of the hairline, applying one colour to the pre-lightened pixels in each section
  • Work your way through each of the sections (alternating colours); working like this means that each of the six sections will be subdivided into fine back to back slices
  • Develop all colours according to appropriate timings
  • Rinse, then shampoo the hair with FIBREPLEX Shampoo and treat with FIBREPLEX N°2 Bond Sealer to create new bonds within the hair fibre for noticeable strength, suppleness and shine

For even more #hairinspo explore the Essential Looks Collection or sharpen your skills at a Schwarzkopf Professional seminar near you!