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Interview: Meet the Co-Creators Behind IGORA #RoyalTakeOver – Disheveled Nudes

Award-winning colourist, Matt Clements and Spanish Colour Visionnaire and member of X-presion, Jorge Cáncer teamed-up to push the powdery colour palette to the edge with their co-created IGORA #RoyalTakeOver Disheveled Nudes shades. Get to know the hair artists behind the colour:


On each other...


Interview: Meet the Co-Creators Behind IGORA #ROYALTakeOver – Disheveled Nudes

Matt Clements: “My initial thought on being part of the IGORA #RoyalTakeOver team was that it was a really great opportunity for me to put my mark on a brand that I love so much and use every day. I think Jorge and I teamed-up from the minute we met; we just got on really well and it felt like we'd known each other previously. He's actually teaching me Spanish!”


Jorge Cáncer: “Wow, when I received the call to be part of an IGORA #RoyalTakeOver team I didn't know what to expect; they just told me come to Berlin and then I met all these guys and these amazing colours... It's funny because Matt is based in Australia, while I am in Spain, and it's funny how the connection between us could be that strong – we have the same feeling about the colour world.”


On creativity...


Matt Clements: “I have many varied creative influences; from fashion, street culture or surfing… all the things that I'm involved in personally. I've been hairdressing for thirty years and colouring for probably twenty-eight of those exclusively… and back in the day, Trevor Sorbie, Andy Humphries, all of those people influenced the direction or the kind of work that I wanted to do and the place that I wanted to be in hairdressing.”


Jorge Cáncer: “We started X-presion ten years ago… after a few years, we felt that we had something new – something that we wanted to express and to share with the hairdressing world. When we started, it was something different because we didn’t have a salon; we wanted to make the first company worldwide just dedicated to research and development – new ideas for the hairdressing world. The lead motive behind X-presion is to create something new, and that's why every morning we wake up for the same reason we started; we just come into the studio and work together and try to create a technique we have never worked on before… and it’s amazing to see, after few years, how hairdressers around the world are using our techniques, or part of the work that we have developed in our studio, in their salon. This makes us proud.” 


Matt Clements: “It is exciting to see work becoming global! … My ideas quite often start from really simple means. It can be just playing on a head block within the salon, or it can be ideas from the street – like what young skater kids and surfer kids are doing to their own hair. I often take those ideas and develop and turn them into a slightly more high-end look, something with a little bit more passion behind it I guess… Then, I always think of how those things could then be forwarded on and taught – not only to my own staff – but on the road or at a shoot… I want to leave a mark and do things that are new. Often it's just a lot of hours spent by yourself practicing and playing with hair and dolls!” 


On IGORA #RoyalDisheveledNudes...


Interview: Meet the Co-Creators Behind IGORA #ROYALTakeOver – Disheveled Nudes

Jorge Cáncer: “We did an amazing collection, don´t you think?” 


Matt Clements: “A brilliant collection, very different... I think the inspiration for our nudes came because we both approach our work in a really similar way.  Here we turn it on its head, flip it, and do the opposite of what most people associate with nude colours… these shades are dusty and worn in, slightly dirty, pastels – quite the opposite of what most people think when they say the word ‘nude’. I think we've done an awesome job!”


Jorge Cáncer: “Yeah that's why we are a great team”


Matt Clements: “That's it! That's why we're the best team!”


On a career in hairdressing...


Interview: Meet the Co-Creators Behind IGORA #ROYALTakeOver – Disheveled Nudes

Jorge Cáncer: “I think that one of the most important things to do is follow your dreams; and if you have something in mind don’t just dream about it – work hard to achieve it! …to be one of the stars in hairdressing it's not something that just happens because you have uploaded a lot of pictures on Instagram, it is because behind all that there is a lot of work; it's more than what you put on social media. But at the same time, it's important to share your hard work for the industry.”  


Matt Clements: “I think my message would be along the same lines, it's about hard work and skills. I can't stress that enough to young people… it doesn't just happen overnight. It's a thought process and a mind process that I've been in since I started my career and I still stay with that; it’s working hard, practicing the things that you're not very good at and going the distance. I think that's the most important thing, that and being true to who you are and having a dream and a direction... I find a lot of young people that just probably lack a little bit of that, they just want the fame or the things that seemingly come very quickly – these things have actually happened for us over a really long period of time! Remain technically-founded and really grounded in your skill and then that's where you can become more creative, because you know what to do with the tools that you've been given… and then, have fun!”


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