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Essential Brands: OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net

Hair artists and clients alike can now discover a new type of hold as OSiS+ Session Label welcomes a new styling hero to its portfolio: OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net.

What is it?
Revolutionising hairspray as we know it, OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net is a super concentrated hairspray that delivers a totally new type of hold effect on the hair.

What can you do with it?
Enhanced with the latest technology, OSiS+ Session Label can achieve exceptional results, even for the most style savvy clients. Instantly dry yet fully workable, weightless but still delivers substantial hold:

  • Super Dry: Schwarzkopf Professional’s driest* hairspray ever; providing instant hold, without weighting down the hair
  • Super Concentrated: in contrast to conventional hairsprays, the polymer concentration is approx. twice as high
  • Super Memory Effect: hair can be brushed through, whilst still holding its shape
  • Super Efficient: with its concentrated formula the 150ml can lasts nearly as long as a standard 300ml can**

What is the big deal?
For a flexible yet durable hold – with an ultra-long-lasting memory effect – the clever spray system disperses the highly-concentrated formula onto the hair in a unique way, for a completely new type of hold. Microscopic droplets of hairspray dry in an instant and do not spread over the hair (like conventional hairsprays do); instead of a film, an extremely fine and flexible net is formed on the hair for durable control. Plus, thanks to the concentrated formula, less product is needed to achieve the same hold compared to a conventional hairspray.



“The thing that makes OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Memory Net AMAZING is the application; when you apply the product it's very lightweight... it dries instantly with a super dry texture. It's also flexible, so when you brush the hair out you can easily remould the shape...”

– Schwarzkopf Professional Global Editorial Ambassador, Tyler Johnston

Give me the facts!

  • A premium product performance with a whole new type of hold
  • Developed based on the insights of session stylists
  • An instantly dry, yet fully reworkable hairspray formula
  • Ideal for everyday in-salon use or session styling
  • Easily create effortless, 'invisible styling' looks
  • Provides a non-sticky hold, that dries instantly and leaves the hair feeling great

Where can I learn about it?
Learn the secrets from our style visionaries and get to grips with the latest breakthrough formulas in a specialist styling seminar near you! Download your local ASK Education seminar brochure to find out more...

ASK eAcademy
Explore insights into the full OSiS+ Session Label styling range and enhance your product knowledge with extensive audio-visual training from the ASK eAcademy:

*Dries up to 40% quicker than OSiS+ Session Label Super Dry Fix

**The 150ml can of Memory Net lasts approx. 85% as long as a regular 300ml Session Label can

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