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Why Encourage Clients to Style Their Hair at Home

Home styling should be easily achievable with quick, effective results so styling advice should be basic and easy to understand.


Home styling is all about balancing lifestyle with image; however, remember that due to the tools and techniques used the results will usually be short term. There is an inherent relationship between home styling and salon styling, for example if a client has a busy, stressful lifestyle it would be inappropriate to create a high-maintenance, complex style in the salon! Always consult with your client in order to ascertain their needs.


Keep in mind that the majority of your clients will have limited skills and knowledge with regard to their hair, so it’s important to ensure they are successful at home by suggesting realistic styling solutions achievable in limited time and with limited tools at home. In addition, it is unlikely that your client will have a full range of styling tools at home. Work with them, be realistic, and when prompted recommend suitable tools and advice, as well as the suitable home styling products and the instructions on how to use them – as your client’s experience grows, so will their confidence in you!


By enabling and inspiring your clients to become knowledgable in styling methods, they will feel confident enough to continue experimenting at home. This will benefit the stylist and salon in a variety of ways, for example:

  • Your client will successfully recreate their look at home, which results in greater client satisfaction
  • Client confidence will empower them to be more open to new ideas about how to style their hair in the future
  • It creates a positive experience for both stylist and client!